Yeppah actually I found this technique quite long time ago and I just applied it to a video yesterday and I think it made quite good effect. This is the other example for projector technique. And this tutorial for firestorm user.

OK at first, make sure you tick “lighting and shadows” and “local lights” on your preferences. So the option to give texture to your projection is enabled.

local lights

Rez a prim, and go to feature tab. Tick “light” feature, and now you have 2 boxes there. the first box is for the color of your light and the second box, is for the texture. Drag your texture, to the second box and the texture will be projected to the walls.

The walls and the sky-windlight should be dark so the projection will show more. You can play with intensity, radius, fall of, etc until you get the light projection you want.


In this video, the projection is spinning around and around because I put rotation script to the prim. heheh and I rezzed 2 prims so there were 2 projectors, and the result was cool when the projection clashed. Here is the rotation script if you don’t have it..



it’s (<x, y, z>,p1,speed) if I’m not mistaken

And another cool feature for video shooting  is slow-motion and transition time/smoothing camera view. the larger number of transition time and smoothing, the smoother videoshoot you got. And you can make your avatar’s animation slow motioned from photostools (ctrl+alt+p) -> Aids – > tick “Slow-mo your Avatar. it will affect your viewer only.

or go to Develop Menu (ctrl+alt+Q) -> Avatar -> Slow Motion Animations


OK and done you’re ready to go. I’m using Camtasia Studio 7 to record the video, etc.

Hair from boon
Antler from Glam affair at Collabor88, Lace from boon
Dress and belt from attic.

Dance by MyAnimation past gift

Music by XXYYXX – About You


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